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tony campolo

“Chip Davis gives us songs that uncover for us the real Jesus, often concealed in the swaddling clothes of religious practices and institutions. His music carries something of a disappointed lover who embraces the church on the one hand, but expected more from it on the other.”

Tony Campolo
Professor Emeritus
Eastern University


bobby braddock

“Chip Davis’ CD, Standing In My Own Way, is an unrelenting dose of uplifting, non-judgmental Christian music, but it’s much more. Chip’s vocals are as good as any you’ve ever heard in your life, and his brother Billy’s production is gloriously exhilarating. This is God-oriented music that is more spiritual than religious, and will appeal to fans of all genres. You’ll have no idea how wonderful this is until you listen to it.”

Bobby Braddock


mark lowry

“I’ve heard about artists. I’ve been accused of being one myself. Chip Davis is a true artist: talented, sensitive, creative. And when I met him, he was on a journey... a journey toward God. I have enjoyed watching it unfold in his life and music. This album is a representation of where he is on that journey. It’s not the beginning and it’s not the end. It’s now. It’s raw. And it’s real. Chip raises questions that Christians have wrestled with for years and that’s a good thing.”

Mark Lowry


suzanne gaither-jennings

“Your songs are making strong statements. I always love it when people know what they want to say and say it.”

Suzanne Gaither Jennings


“Chip Davis reminds me of a male version of Sandy Patti. A powerhouse singer whose vocals stir the soul.”

Tamara Allen


aaron barker

Dear Chip,

When I heard the final mix of your wonderful CD my first thought was that at last, Chip has gotten the opportunity to really show us what he has to offer. Although I have heard your voice on many occasions over the years I had never heard you soar to the heights you have reached on this project

In my forty-some-odd years of making music I have observed that even the best of us, with the best of intentions cannot make “magic” happen in the studio. I believe that on rare occasions the “MUSE” decides to drop in on a session and give it something that makes it stand out among the many. The marriage of production with the songs is amazing, and when skillfully merged with your voice it is a “spiritual” event.

Many times I hear singers who are struggling for a fair shot at becoming a mainstream recording artist. Some of them are good enough singers and good enough people that I find myself hoping, for their sake, that they will get that chance. Then there are times when I hear a voice that makes me think that whether or not this singer wants it, they need to be making records. Not because they are good enough or nice enough, but because they have something to offer to all of us, and we would be missing something very important if they were not allowed to share their talent, personality and message.

Chip, You are not just good enough and nice enough. Your are exceptional in all aspects of your music and I expect you to continue to strive to get it out there among the many who deserve to know it. Thank you for allowing me to share in a small part of your advent.


Aaron Barker

He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” — Luke 19:40

“And now they have been given a voice.” — Aaron 11:15


The music business being what it is at this point, it’s not every day that you have the opportunity to hear something truly special — something that really moves you, that takes a stand, that makes you laugh and cry — in other words, that does what music is SUPPOSED to do. With the exception of rap ‘music’, which seeks to appeal to the basest and most violent aspects of human nature, resulting in a kind of musical porn, the music business moguls seem to have decided that it is much easier, much safer to come out with non-committal, ear candy that risks nothing and offends no one.

But that is neither the goal nor the point of music. The goal of music has always been to turn sound into feelings and feelings into sound; to express the truth in a way that is not subject to the vicissitudes and ambiguities of the spoken word. Good music has always done that. And it is always a great relief to find people who are still doing it.

So, it was a great relief to me to meet and hear Chip Davis, someone who has found it within himself to turn adversity and hardship into faith and joy, while saying things that really need to be said, pointing out the hypocrisy of those who think of themselves as better than others, to speak the truth. You combine this commitment with a musicality that is absolutely breath taking, and a voice that can belt the scuff marks off a linoleum floor — or a soiled soul — and you have an experience that is worth having.

Offhand, I can think of no current artist that I would rather listen to. Chip’s enormous talent, coupled with the production and commitment of his brother Billy, who is determined to see it expressed, is a rare experience, and I recommend it highly to anyone who is looking for more than you usually get from the play-it-safe offerings of those who seek only to make money from music, no matter how ruthlessly they must compromise its essence to do so. This is the kind of artistry that needs to be and should be supported by both the business and the public, and I fervently hope that it will be.

David Morgan


As much work as you have done for me, we’ve had lots of time to talk about our search for God’s heart. We both want to make great music in honor of the gift we’ve been given, but your album goes far beyond that. I have told you that I believe it is important, and the more I hear it, the more I stand on that. Because of where my life is, I have found this music to be the only way I can get to the Lord’s presence on some days. How many people out there are in need of something that speaks more than just the same old stuff about a God that will only take them when they are good enough?... His Word says ‘come as you are’.

Chip, the excellence of your music gives you the way to reach people’s ears. The message of the songs gives God the way to reach their hearts. That is what will change their lives, and the lives of those who come behind them. Know that God is proud of how you have represented him with your work.

As for me, just another set of ears, it continues to make me cry, make me think, make me question, make me believe, but mostly it makes me strive harder to be an example of the love of Christ... for that, I thank you.

You’ve done your part. Trust God to handle the rest.

Lord Bless You,

Leigh Reynolds


I had to write and tell you what a monumental impact your new CD has had on me personally and thank you for your hard work and the work of all those who contributed to its’ birth.

I have listened to literally hundreds and into the thousands of CD’s . Many were good, but few great. But unlike some “well performed” efforts, what is constant in all of the songs on your CD is a tremendous heartfelt and heart warming presence that a performer cannot buy or wish for. I have witnessed greatness from time to time though-out the years. In this town, musicianship is understood and there is no question about the musicality here. This is not theater of the “stage”, but theater of the “soul”. In my entire career, I have rarely attended the unbelievable feast of passion that I experienced listening to your work.

People need to hear this Chip! You have lyrically covered all three definitions of ‘muse’ in the dictionary. The thinking reaches a deep part of me, and the subject matter refuses to allow me to walk away from its’ precepts in a cavalier way. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. Be encouraged and have no doubt in your mind that this recording is of the highest caliber.

Thanks again,

Greg Nelson

Ps. In my heart, there will never be another rendition of “There Is A Fountain” with so powerful a flow of the Holy Spirit more moving to me.


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